21 Days to ZERO Charting: How to Find & Train Your Scribe in Under a Month


On-Demand Virtual Workshop

Learn where to find a dedicated, reliable scribe and how to train them so you can take back hours of time and never have to chart again!


Are you a physician who...

  • Spends hours every night charting in your pajamas?
  • Is struggling to keep your head above the water line of notes, messages, and charts?
  • Sacrifices evenings, weekends, and "downtime" just to stay caught up on last week's notes?
  • Is sick of being distracted during visits as you manage a conversation and way too many clicks and checkboxes?
  • Is tired of the constant worry of falling behind when life throws you a curve ball and you can't keep up?

About the Workshop


On-Demand Webinar


  • Instant access to the webinar
  • Downloadable quick-win action guide
  • Replay of the webinar in case you want to watch it again

Meet Phil Boucher, MD

Founder of Private Practice Matters

I'm Phil Boucher. I'm a pediatrician and business consultant who helps private practice owners like you design a thriving practice and fulfilling life.

As a private practice physician, myself, I know that running a thriving practice can be extremely difficult and overwhelming sometimes. You may find it difficult to motivate your team or find yourself doing it all on your own. 

Physicians come to me asking for more time in their day for everything they need to do and I help them make it happen while optimizing work processes, automating, delegating, and building a brand. You can't have it all, but I promise it can be MUCH better with a little intention.