Hit the ground running and set yourself up for success as your practice returns to busy following the COVID-19 pandemic.

This online summit features the best experts in private practice management teaching the mindset and strategies to recover financially and emotionally from the pandemic and get their practices back on track.



Are You a Physician Who...

  • Is ready to ramp back up to busy after the COVID-19 crisis?

  • Is unsure how to handle the influx of patients without getting overwhelmed or booked out too far?

  • Needs help recovering financially both personally and in business?

  • Wants a fresh start on time management?

  • Having a tough time with the physical, mental, and emotional toll of COVID-19 on your business and life?

  • Needs new patients and referral sources to make up for the lost months of coronavirus?

Then you can't miss the Back to Busy Summit!  




About the Summit



Meet Your Host

Phil Boucher, MD

I'm a pediatrician in private practice and business consultant who helps private practice owners like you design a thriving practice and fulfilling life.

I know that running a thriving practice can be extremely difficult and overwhelming sometimes. You may find it difficult to motivate your team or find yourself doing it all on your own. 

Physicians come to me asking for more time in their day for everything they need to do and I help them make it happen while optimizing work processes, automating, delegating, and building a brand. You can't have it all, but I promise it can be MUCH better with a little intention.

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